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Build miniature virtual worlds with your friends online! ProtoMasons is a life sim and building game, perfect for chatting with friends and making virtual hangouts.

ProtoMasons has a variety of minigames and interactive tools. ProtoMasons is great for role play games too, with features such as fictional websites, your own marketplace, business creation, weather patterns, hospital equipment, and more!*


ProtoMasons is part of the Steam Early Access programme. More content updates are on the way! Get involved on the Steam community hub to suggest things you would like to see!**

* "Fictional websites", "marketplace", and "business creation" refer to game features that occur locally on player-hosted game servers. The marketplace is fictional and does not use real currency; it is not accessible outside of the server it is hosted on and should be considered a novelty interface.
** "Content updates" refers to changes to the ProtoMasons game that are delivered as updates via the Steam client. Content updates may include one or more of the following: bug fixes, the revision or removal of game features, the addition of new game features.