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Build miniature virtual worlds with your friends online! ProtoMasons is a life sim and building game, perfect for chatting with friends and making virtual hangouts.

ProtoMasons has a collection of charming tools and items, allowing you to cook meals, play music, write books, and more, all in the spirit of life roleplay.*

During the Steam Early Access phase, ProtoMasons has received new feature updates, including NPCs and multiplayer minigames like Connect. Help influence future feedback by participating on our Steam community hub!


* "Fictional websites", "marketplace", and "business creation" refer to game features that occur locally on player-hosted game servers. The marketplace is fictional and does not use real currency; it is not accessible outside of the server it is hosted on and should be considered a novelty interface.
** "New feature updates" refer to changes to the ProtoMasons game that are delivered as updates via the Steam client. Content updates may include one or more of the following: bug fixes, the revision or removal of game features, the addition of new game features.